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Risk and cost management.

Consumers insist on safety and quality.

Anyone producing and/or marketing food products must avoid risks.

The key words in this connection are: due care and product liability.

Defects cost money! Hardly any company can say precisely how much. Of course, prevention is not free of charge either, but it costs far less than emergency measures to remedy acute damage and protect a producer's image.

We ...
[Icon: list bullet] identify defects and optimize processes
[Icon: list bullet] determine what checks should be carried out by whom at what stage in the process to prevent defects
[Icon: list bullet] indicate the production deficiencies that lead to product reworking or rejection
[Icon: list bullet] reduce costs caused by defects
[Icon: list bullet] analyse processes to reduce quality expenses
[Icon: list bullet] distinguish between essential and non-essential tests
[Icon: list bullet] provide support on the route from damage limitation exercises to a zero-defect strategy
[Icon: list bullet] develop tailor-made prevention strategies
[Icon: list bullet] develop HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points) plans
[Icon: list bullet] ensure process-oriented quality management
[Icon: list bullet] create integrated quality management systems

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