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Introducing ourselves.

Dr. Klaus O. Paulus

Degree and doctorate: Dr. Klaus O. Paulus
[Icon: list bullet] Karlsruhe Technical University, subject: food process engineering

Professional background:
[Icon: list bullet] Research scientist
Federal Research Centre for Food Preservation, Karlsruhe
[Icon: list bullet] Director and Professor
Federal Research Centre for Nutrition, Karlsruhe
[Icon: list bullet] Scientific Director
German Federation of Food Law and Food Science, Bonn
[Icon: list bullet] various positions as managing director and management board member with companies in the food industry
[Icon: list bullet] lectures at the universities of Karlsruhe, Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Giessen, Hamburg and Campinas (Brazil)
[Icon: list bullet] training in communication and relation therapy


Paulus Food Consulting have a project-oriented approach, a versatile expert team and a network of external specialists. We offer services tailored to our clients' needs in a variety of areas.

Partnership with:
[Icon: list bullet] ProGes Food GmbH, Waldalgesheim, Germany
in the field of innovation
[Icon: list bullet] Marketingservice & Consulting GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
in the field of consumer, product and market research

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