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Scientific information management.

More than ever before, knowledge is the source of market power.

Food processing calls for interdisciplinary thinking and the consistent exploitation of scientific and technical results. It is becoming increasingly difficult to collate and assess all the material available on current developments. The volume of information, media and opinions grows by the day.

Successful companies filter the deluge of information they receive, separating out those items which can benefit them and developing appropriate strategies.

We offer support for ...
[Icon: list bullet] the definition of relevant sources
[Icon: list bullet] the creation of personal contacts
[Icon: list bullet] access to recognized organizations
[Icon: list bullet] the use of process engineering research and development
[Icon: list bullet] the management of process kinetic data for the optimization of unit operations
[Icon: list bullet] the identification of trends in international food research
[Icon: list bullet] the integration of sensory science

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